About This Site


I enjoy reading, and blogging about what I’m reading at places like my regular blog. My interests are far-ranging, but one strong interest of mine is horror.


I enjoy horror fiction for much the same reason that I enjoy science fiction or just fiction itself — a fascination with the unknown, and especially with the experience of finding oneself at the extremities of human existence. I’ve felt plenty of fear in my life, and experienced shocks galore, but nothing outside the realm of everyday life for a sheltered American middle-class child of the suburbs.

What do people think and feel, when they’re in situations far beyond anything I’ve known, that push them to the limits of sanity — and beyond? What’s inside the minds of killers, of the violently insane, of victims of unimaginable violence? Actions I can’t even imagine myself taking — how does one get to a place where those actions are as mundane as lighting a cigarette? Where does your mind go, when the worst pain you’ve experienced is a splinter in your toe, and now you’re being hacked to death with an axe?

It’s curiosity, the compulsion to turn over the rock, to open that cardboard box in the dumpster with the bloody fingerprints on it. To look into the abyss, and not just into it, but beyond, to whatever lies beneath the abyss.


I intend to write mostly about horror fiction, but will write about horror films if the mood strikes. I didn’t make this a general horror blog because for the most part I don’t have much to say about horror cinema. I enjoy a good scary movie, but I’m more interested in character than being shocked, so a horror film needs to have a little more going on to keep me thinking about it past the end credits.

My taste in horror stories tends towards more realistic or psychological horror than supernatural horror. Not that I can’t enjoy a zombie or vampire story, or even the occasional ghost story, but since I read this stuff more for its insights into human nature than to be scared (although I do love to be scared), the more unlikely the premise, the less relevant it is to my interests.

Be advised, too, that I’m difficult to please as a reader. I’m sensitive to writing that’s sloppily executed, or is more about atmosphere and effect than character, or in some other way bounces the check the author wrote. When a story starts to smell like bullshit, I generally bail.

I also prefer short horror fiction to novels, so there will likely be more coverage of short stories and story anthologies here than of book-length stories. I have enjoyed horror novels and will definitely write about them, but most that I’ve encountered can’t sustain its mood over the long haul, and many of them are padded, drawn-out slogs that obviously would have worked much better in 4,000 words than 40,000.

I hope you enjoy reading this blog. (I hope I can actually keep writing it!) Feel free to contact me at ed@edwardsung.com, or on Twitter.